Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's the day????

According to our worldwide poll, 36% of our readers think that today is the day that Noname will be birthed. So here is the agenda for this highly anticipated day, but to be honest it feel just as anticipated as every other day this week:
  • Lois comes into town to watch Noah
  • Sherry and Ben visit the doctor for their weekly scheduled visit
  • Ben heads off to work, Sherry heads off to her life of leisure
  • Sherry and Noah go for their induction walk through the 'hood
  • Sherry, Ben, John and Noushin go to the Florida Yacht Club for dinner (the last time we went with them to dinner at the Yacht Club and Sherry was 9 months pregnant you remember what happened... right? Spicy Shrimp Tempura here we come!)
  • Come home and go to sleep wondering if it will be the last sleep we get for 36 hours

Last night, John and Noushin came over and brought Noah two very nice presents... a wind up musical guitar from Hawaii and Noah's new favorite thing, fake credit cards for his wallet. I have given him one of my old wallet's (sorry Shelley, but it is going to good use!) and he has one of my business cards and 3 credit cards in Your Name Here's name. Thanks guys!


Britt said... know the drill...walk, have sex, use evening primrose oil...that should get the baby moving!

Beebe4 said...

sex??! We don't have sex, we are both still virgins!