Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah!

It rained all day Saturday, but that didn't stop us from throwing Noah his Spider-Man party!

Noah has been eying this Spider-Man cake at Publix for about 6 months. Every time we walked near the bakery, he would check to see if it was still on display. He was so excited that he could have it for his birthday!

The rain prevented us from playing outside, so we made up a game of "pin the spider on the web". It went over pretty well with the 3-5 year old crowd.

The cake turned out to be even more amazing then we were expecting- you could wind it up and then Spider-Man swung around the building. Noah was a little afraid of getting hit by Spider-Man, but he finally blew out his candles.

Thanks to everyone that celebrated with us, Noah had a fantastic day. And we have more Legos than we know what to do with!! :)

Guess who is 5?!?

Noah's birthday started out at The Fox with Dad for some birthday pancakes before school!