Saturday, September 25, 2010

G O A L!!

Here is Noah scoring a goal at this morning's game. We couldn't be more proud! :)

Wonders of Learning to Read

Learning to read has opened up an entirely new world for Noah. Mostly he is interested in what all of the signs on the road say. We will be driving along and he will blurt out "No Turn on Red" and "Green Light Must Yield to Traffic". The funniest came today... we were getting ready to go on a bike ride and he was in the driveway getting his helmet on. He screamed "Hey Mom, did you know my helmet was Made in CHINA?!?!"

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Noah is playing soccer this season and Dad is the coach. We had our first practice Tuesday evening and almost everyone had a great time. Noah was a little hungry and complained/cried the entire time because his tummy hurt. Next time we'll remember he needs a snack beforehand. Can't wait for our first game!