Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Busy Week

We have been very busy this week, so not much posting... but the baby got to hear his first rock concert and received her first 2nd-hand pot experience.

Today is the beginning of Sherry's 9th week.

Will post more later.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another week 8 picture

Found this picture today of week 8... pretty impressive. My question is how the hell do they get these pictures?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Week 8

Go, baby, go! Your talented child has doubled in size in the past two weeks, and is now approximately three-quarters of an inch long. Body parts that formed in the first few weeks are growing more complex and specialized, including the eyes, limbs, mouth, heart, and brain. Fingers and toes are taking shape, along with the palate and pituitary gland. The eyelids are also forming--until they're complete, the eyes appear open.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Father's Day

We told Sherry's dad today! We wanted to tell him on father's day but he was out of the country. So he got the news one day late. He is very excited.

Thump Thump

So we had an amazing experience today. We heard our baby's heartbeat, and saw it! We had an early Ultrasound this morning and saw the TINY heart pumping away (around 180 beat per minute). Then the nurse turned on the speakers and Sherry and I were in awe... 15 seconds of just silence and both of us holding back tears. It was a beautiful thing.

We have pictures but no scanner so we will post them when we can. Doesn't really look like much... but I will post anyway.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Week 7

Sherry started week 7 today. Above is an approximate image of what our baby should look like. (MOM: don't freak out this is not actually ours)

We went to the dentist today and they mentioned that Sherry needs to take her prenatal vitamins to help prevent tooth decay?! They also said her gums might bleed more during pregnancy. No cavities for either of us.

She hasn't been feeling good lately... has managed to keep everything down, but has to fight real hard sometimes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To eat or not to eat, that is the question!

So I didn't think I would be this anal husband, but it turns out that I feel that I am more than I feel I am not.

Sherry and I pride ourselves on being well informed on situations, but remembering all the stupid rules about which fish you can eat and which sweeteners you can use is a little to much for me to remember. We think we have it all under control, until... we get to menu time.

We get the menus, sit there and scan for about 2 minutes, and then Sherry says... "what are you going to have?" ... that is the easy question, I can usually get that one right. But I know which conversation is next, and I get all tense like I use to get during my weekly Electromagnetism (Physics 2) quiz. "Do you think I can eat Calamari?"

Crap, crap, I didn't study this one... let's see Calamari, it's a shellfish... it's a ten-armed cephalopod, commonly known as "squid"... is related to the octopus... they vary in size from 1 inch to 80 feet in length... the meat is firm and chewy, with a somewhat sweet flavor... over-cooking can lead to a rubbery texture... it's Italian for "squid" (well, plural form of it)... But... I have no idea if it is heavy in Mercury, which is why she isn't suppose to eat some fish [I pat myself on the back for knowing that]... is it local or from the coast of Sicily... cause the stupid book says it matters. Damn

"I think so", I confidently respond while I make a mental note to reread that section of the book as soon as I get home, so I can tell her to puke it up if need be.

It's all very confusing.

First Ultrasound

In 6 days we will have our first ultrasound. We hope to hear our baby's heartbeat, and maybe even see the bean sized baby! Very Exciting.

End of Week 6

A wonderful new sound enters the world this week: your baby's heartbeat. Although still too faint to be picked up by a doctor's stethoscope, it's visible in a sonogram as a tiny, pulsing dot in the middle of your still-transparent embryo's body. From now until birth, it will beat approximately 150 times a minute, twice the average adult heart rate. The rest of the embryo is working hard, too--it will triple in size this week, to about a quarter of an inch long.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Third Anniversary

So, today is our 3 year anniversary! W-O-W. I stuck to the traditional gift list, and got Ben a new black Coach wallet (leather is for the third year). But Ben, being as thoughtful and sweet as he is, surprised me with a very special present this morning: a baby rattle from Tiffany & Co. So now Baby McDonald has another present to add to his/her collection. (I think it's a boy by the way).

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

End of Week 5

Already a busy little bee, your developing embryo now has three layers. The outer layer, or ectoderm, will develop into the nervous system, while the endoderm, or inner layer, will become the liver, pancreas, intestines, and bladder. This week, the mesoderm, or middle layer, is developing into the heart and circulatory system, which will be the first organs to function. In the weeks to come, the mesoderm will also form the bones, muscles, kidneys and reproductive organs.

Monday, June 06, 2005

First Office Visit

Sherry and I went to the doctor's office today to meet with the nurse practioner. She confirmed what we already knew, that we were preggers, and gave Sherry some pre-natal supplements. Sherry mentioned slight cramping which seemed to bother the nurse, so she scheduled our first ultrasound on June 20th at 9 AM. The nurse also scheduled the first appointment with the OB/GYN for July 6th.

I debated whether I should go or not, and although I didn't even get to go back in the room with her I am glad I was there.

Baby Pooh

Regina, Shawn and Jack blessed us with our first baby gift: a winnie the pooh sweater, hat (with ears) and rattle. They also gave us a journal to track the next 8 months of our lives. Both were very cute and very much appreciated!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Told Ben's Family

We had a wonderful time in the mountains this weekend. Got to meet my sister's friend Victor for the first time (whom I will always remember now because I actually called him Vincent to his face... TWICE, I felt like super idiot). We went to a Jamboree on Friday night, and shopped in Floyd and played poker on Saturday.

On Saturday night, we made a nice dinner and then played a trivia game to help me with my memory (since I have trouble remembering my childhood). At the end of the game, which I proved that I still have control over the major memories, Sherry asked if she could ask one more question. Everyone said "Sure!"

She then turns to me and asks, "When are you going to have your first baby?"

I reply, "In FEBRUARY!"

The room was quiet for 1/2 a second as everyone processed, and then pandemonium broke out.

My mom giggled for the rest of the weekend.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Weekend Celebration

We are going away this weekend to Floyd, Virginia where we have rented a mountain cabin for my 30th birthday (which isn't until June 11th). We have decided that we will tell my family, but we are trying to decided the best way to do it. I suggested wrapping up one of the books that Shawn and Regina gave us last night, "The Expecting Father", and then unwrap it with the rest of the presents I get.

I just told my youngest sister, Mandy, since she isn't able to make it up there. She said, "Why did you have to tell me at work?" through tears. I should point out that this is my families first baby at this generation, so we are all pretty excited and emotional.... well we are emotional anyways, but this just gives us an excuse.

First to know

We ended up telling Shawn and Regina last night. We wanted to go out to eat and celebrate, and they wanted to come meet us for dessert, so during dessert, I just blurted out, "We are going to have a baby in February." I thought Shawn was going to choke on his brownie. Regina gave a muffled scream of delight and then wrapped Sherry in a tearful embrace.

So now, I think we are addicted.

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Well it is true, I don't think I have felt this attracted to my wife in a long time. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I look at her and still get intimidated by her beauty, but that is typically when she is done up for a night out. But I don't think she has looked anything but radiant to me since she said "How does February sound" this morning.

We are currently debating on whether to tell people or not (NOTE: I didn't actually start this blog until June 7th, but wanted to capture the early days, as they were so filled with excitement). There is a fear that we will have to go through our pain in public if, God forbid, something bad were to happen. But I think I am comfortable telling those people that would find out anyway, and that I would lean on in such a horrible time. So I think we are going to tell my family this weekend, since we have a family trip planned (minus my youngest sister) and it will make for a great time to announce it, but we are still undecided.


I received the most wonderful news this morning when I got out of the shower! I am going to be a father. I am so excited, and so relieved, and so happy. The monthly disappointment has been starting to get to us. And your family members whom think they are only trying to help by asking "So when are you having one" don't realize how much the salt they are pouring on, hurts.

But all of that is behind us now. The first thing I thought about, well at least the first thought of the millions that raced through my brain, were that I need to get life insurance now. I know it is a super dork thing to be my first thought, but as a father I want to provide for my family in life and in death.