Friday, March 26, 2010

An "Egg"cellent Day!

Jude and I joined Noah's class for their egg hunt and party today. Jude was more than ready to leave the house this morning when I told him that we would be hiding eggs for Noah and his friends to hunt. He was a really great helper and I think Noah's friends appreciated his ability to "hide" eggs (he mostly just scattered them around in plain sight).

I was so impressed with Noah and his classmates. The teachers told them they could each find 11 eggs and each child continued to count their eggs until they reached 11. I even saw a couple of kids realize they had more and then give some to their friends!

After each child found their eggs, they all sat down together and looked at each egg.

It was a perfect opportunity for a class photo!

We all came inside and enjoyed some Easter treats. Jude even got to pull up a chair and sit at the table with Noah and his friends. Noah was so sweet to him and introduced his little brother "Judi" to everyone at the table.