Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Year Stats

Noah finally had his 5 year appointment with the doctor. He is still maintaining his spot at the top of the chart...

47 inches (97%)
58 pounds (97%)

He is up to date on all of his shots and ready for Kindergarten in 5 months!

Easter 2011

Uncle Shawn, Aunt Regina, Jack and Emma came to visit for their spring break the week before Easter. We had lots of fun at the beach and pool. The kids always love time with their cousins.

We also had plenty of egg hunts at school and church. Noah's class had a little tea party after their egg hunt. It was so much fun!

A bit of catching up to do....

We haven't done such a great job of blogging lately, but we have been busy...

We went to the annual circus at Noah and Jude's preschool. Jude's class was the marching band and they lead the entire circus into the circus tent! The boys in Noah's class were the "strong men" and the girls were the tight rope walkers. It is such a fun event.

Noah also achieved some major milestones! He can now ride his bike without training wheels and tie his shoes.

We went to the zoo and saw the new "Dino Alive" exhibit. The boys loved it!

And of course, we have been spending a lot of time at the ball field. Jude has become an expert at sitting on the bleachers and watching! It helps that he has few other "little" brothers to hang with.