Monday, July 17, 2006

Sitting Pretty

It's official- Noah is a sitter. He can sit up all by himself, although I still lay pillows around him so that when he tumbles he doesn't fall too hard :)
Noah and I are going to Virginia on Wednesday to visit Grammy and everyone else. Dad will be joining us on Friday and we will all return on the 30th! We will even get to welcome a new addition to our family while we are there. Shawn and Regina's baby girl is scheduled to arrive on July 26th. She still doesn't have a name but hopefully they can agree on something before they bring her home from the hospital! We'll be sure to post pictures of the new bundle of joy when we return.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Finally ... a video with some sound

Here is the first true video... complete with sound and everything... consider this my Jazz Singer.

He is a stand up kinda guy

Here is a video of Noah standing with the help of the ottoman.

First Movie

Hey guys.... this is actually Ben... I haven't posted in a long time, Sherry just likes to steal my login. So I felt like getting technical again so here is our first video of Noah. Hope you enjoy. I know it is short and I know it is grainy, I will get better as we go along, hopefully.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dad saves the day!

Originally uploaded by beebe4.
Noah lost a very important friend recently- Blog went missing almost 2 weeks ago! We looked everywhere and called all of the places we had been, but no one knew where he was. After searching many stores, Dad finally found a replacement Blog on Ebay!! He should arrive in the mail soon. Hopefully Noah won't even know the difference :)
We've also been working on sitting up recently. Noah's getting close, although we still have some work to do. Hopefully we'll master in within the next few weeks.
There are some more recent pictures posted... we took a break for a while because we reached our monthly limit on Flickr in June! Check them out!