Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dad saves the day!

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Noah lost a very important friend recently- Blog went missing almost 2 weeks ago! We looked everywhere and called all of the places we had been, but no one knew where he was. After searching many stores, Dad finally found a replacement Blog on Ebay!! He should arrive in the mail soon. Hopefully Noah won't even know the difference :)
We've also been working on sitting up recently. Noah's getting close, although we still have some work to do. Hopefully we'll master in within the next few weeks.
There are some more recent pictures posted... we took a break for a while because we reached our monthly limit on Flickr in June! Check them out!


catsteevens said...

As I read this my mouth fell open and I cried out for BLOG. Oh no BLOG, where'd ya go!?? Had I known, I would've run to the store and got another one. I got it at Carter's (I think, ha!). But glad to hear that Dad saved the day :-)

Noah really is a beautiful baby! His eyes in all the pics are incredibly blue.

Anne said...

I really can't handle how cute he is. We have GOT to find a way to get down there to meet him soon!