Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lily: 10 Months

I'm actually posting on time this month!  Lily has 2 teeth now and can crawl anywhere she wants to go! It's quite different with her being mobile.  Noah and Jude are learning to put their toys away if they don't want them eaten.  She naps just twice a day now and likes to be in bed for the night around 6:30.  Her most talked about characteristic, by far, is her hair. It stands straight up, no matter what we do to it.  Everywhere we go people comment on her duck fuzz hair.  She's a great eater and loves to try whatever we are eating.

Lily: 9 Months

Late once again this time, but I'll try to fill in the gaps. At 9 months, Lily can get into the sitting position on her own now. It's quite different to go get her from the crib and find her sitting up and playing. She's close to crawling and finally is starting to get her 2 bottom teeth. She's still taking 3 naps a day, but getting close to cutting out that catnap before dinner.