Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting There

We went to the doctor this morning for our weekly checkup. She said I am still only at 1 cm - but I am now 75% effaced. She seemed a little surprised at how low Noname is sitting and said that she didn't think I would make it to my due date!! But then said that labor is always a guessing game so anything is possible. I am siding with her though and still think he is planning an early arrival. She said everything looks great and we're scheduled to see her again next week- if I make it that long! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Noname's nursery

We haven't done much in preparation for Noname, mostly because we already have the majority of the things we will need for him and also because we have had an extremely busy summer. We have opted not to buy Noname a new crib. Instead we are going to wait for Noah to transition to a bed and then move the crib to Noname's room. In the meantime, Noname will sleep in the pack-n-play bassinet. So right now, the only "nursery" items in his room are a changing table and pack-n-play. I did go ahead and order new bedding for him. What do you think? I decided to move away from the traditional blue this time and try something new- plus I didn't want to have to paint the already tan walls.

Monday, September 24, 2007

19 Days

We only have 19 days until Noname is expected to arrive. With Noah, I never dropped, dilated or had any progress before labor actually started- so I was pretty excited last week at my doctor's appointment when she said I was already 1 centimeter and 25% effaced. But of course the doctor had to burst my bubble and tell me that it is normal after your first pregnancy to show progress earlier. Whatever, I still think he is coming early! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and hopefully I'll show a few more signs of getting close to delivery. I am getting pretty uncomfortable and it is getting hard to chase after Noah and to pick him up- and as you can tell from our recent video of Noname, he looks a little cramped!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Noname does the wave

We thought we would share a video of what the daily life of a 9 month pregnant lady is like. This video is from earlier this evening:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Katie & Drew's Wedding

Katie & Drew's Wedding
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Thanks to Dad and Noushin, we had a great time in Atlanta this weekend at Katie and Drew's wedding. Noah was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with them while we got to take our last getaway before Noname arrives! We also got to see Greg and Elizabeth- although we were sorry that Elizabeth was battling a fierce stomach bug! Hopefully she is feeling better now! Thanks again to Dad & Noushin for taking such great care of Noah while we were away- and thanks too for our new double stroller!

Friday, September 14, 2007


4 weeks / 30 days / 720 hours / 43,200 minutes / 2,592,000 seconds

No matter what unit of measure you use, Baby Noname does not have long at all until he takes his first gasp of air.

We are getting very excited, and received the upgraded double stroller this week. I put it together last night and Noah has a mark on his face to prove that his climbing and Daddy's construction skills don't mix. Thank you to the Texas Turemans, the Great Bridge Hunters (plus popeplyslax and kittycait), John and Noushin, and Sherry's grandparents (I will come stay at your house for a week, if you can post a comment on this blog) .... it is truly uncalled for and truly appreciated.

Noah is still pretty oblivious to how much his world is about to change, but he has shown that he understands the concept of sharing at a play group this week so that was a great sign.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Now to the other end of he spectrum

I was playing around on YouTube and saw this video which I found interesting. I love how graphics take the gore out of things since I have such a weak stomach.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to the grindstone

We are all home, back in Jacksonville. We used the weekend to get back use to being in our own glorious house! Except for an unwanted visitor the weekend was very peaceful, and we got to head out to the beach to see John and Noushin.

I figured that much like real life, we must continue to update the story of our life, even though the wounds will continue to heal.

Sherry had her make up appointment today and the baby is head down. Not much else to report except he and Sherry seem healthy.

We have a name and Sherry was able to tell it to Pearl, before she passed, but we are not unleashing it to the world until he is born.

I have signed up for Facebook today and it is actually the best of the social networking sites I have played around with. So if you have an account on Friendster, or MySpace, I would recommend you sign up with Facebook also... it is far superior.