Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to the grindstone

We are all home, back in Jacksonville. We used the weekend to get back use to being in our own glorious house! Except for an unwanted visitor the weekend was very peaceful, and we got to head out to the beach to see John and Noushin.

I figured that much like real life, we must continue to update the story of our life, even though the wounds will continue to heal.

Sherry had her make up appointment today and the baby is head down. Not much else to report except he and Sherry seem healthy.

We have a name and Sherry was able to tell it to Pearl, before she passed, but we are not unleashing it to the world until he is born.

I have signed up for Facebook today and it is actually the best of the social networking sites I have played around with. So if you have an account on Friendster, or MySpace, I would recommend you sign up with Facebook also... it is far superior.

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catsteevens said...

"We have a name and Sherry was able to tell it to Pearl, before she passed...."

That reminded me of Richard's Aunt Betty. We called her before she passed away and told her about being pregnant and that we knew it was going to be a boy.

I hope that coming home has brought some comfort to y'all.