Friday, September 14, 2007


4 weeks / 30 days / 720 hours / 43,200 minutes / 2,592,000 seconds

No matter what unit of measure you use, Baby Noname does not have long at all until he takes his first gasp of air.

We are getting very excited, and received the upgraded double stroller this week. I put it together last night and Noah has a mark on his face to prove that his climbing and Daddy's construction skills don't mix. Thank you to the Texas Turemans, the Great Bridge Hunters (plus popeplyslax and kittycait), John and Noushin, and Sherry's grandparents (I will come stay at your house for a week, if you can post a comment on this blog) .... it is truly uncalled for and truly appreciated.

Noah is still pretty oblivious to how much his world is about to change, but he has shown that he understands the concept of sharing at a play group this week so that was a great sign.

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