Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Noname's nursery

We haven't done much in preparation for Noname, mostly because we already have the majority of the things we will need for him and also because we have had an extremely busy summer. We have opted not to buy Noname a new crib. Instead we are going to wait for Noah to transition to a bed and then move the crib to Noname's room. In the meantime, Noname will sleep in the pack-n-play bassinet. So right now, the only "nursery" items in his room are a changing table and pack-n-play. I did go ahead and order new bedding for him. What do you think? I decided to move away from the traditional blue this time and try something new- plus I didn't want to have to paint the already tan walls.


catsteevens said...

I absolutely LOVE IT! Even though I kinda did the blue thing for Liam, I really like when people steer away from the blue-for-boy and pink-for-girl. Yay for baby noname's nursery!

kirby said...

it is so you, i love it, what happened to the alphabet stuff???

Ryan said...

Yes, I too like it a lot. And agree with Cat. I would love for "us" to steer away from pink or blue. Fingers crossed :)