Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Third Anniversary

So, today is our 3 year anniversary! W-O-W. I stuck to the traditional gift list, and got Ben a new black Coach wallet (leather is for the third year). But Ben, being as thoughtful and sweet as he is, surprised me with a very special present this morning: a baby rattle from Tiffany & Co. So now Baby McDonald has another present to add to his/her collection. (I think it's a boy by the way).


Ben said...

I think it is a girl

Lois said...

Okay, I've had my first cry of the morning. This is the first time I have visited this blog. Mandy told me about it on the phone last night. This is a wonderful way too share this experience with you. One question--how did I have 4 babies and not know 1?10th of the information that you are providing us? I was amazed at the "picture" of development.
I have been referring to the baby as "she"--but I will be thrilled with either! Lois

leigh said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'm so happy for both of you!
love - Leigh

Ben said...

PS... I also got her some flowers and some papmperish stuff form Bed, Bath and Beyond, cause I felt like my first gift wasn't very Sherry oriented, more Baby oriented.