Sunday, June 05, 2005

Told Ben's Family

We had a wonderful time in the mountains this weekend. Got to meet my sister's friend Victor for the first time (whom I will always remember now because I actually called him Vincent to his face... TWICE, I felt like super idiot). We went to a Jamboree on Friday night, and shopped in Floyd and played poker on Saturday.

On Saturday night, we made a nice dinner and then played a trivia game to help me with my memory (since I have trouble remembering my childhood). At the end of the game, which I proved that I still have control over the major memories, Sherry asked if she could ask one more question. Everyone said "Sure!"

She then turns to me and asks, "When are you going to have your first baby?"

I reply, "In FEBRUARY!"

The room was quiet for 1/2 a second as everyone processed, and then pandemonium broke out.

My mom giggled for the rest of the weekend.


Victor said...

Hey Ben,

I hope you don't mind that Leigh passed your blog info on to me. It was great to meet you and Sherry after Leigh had told me so much about you'll.

No worries on the name mix-up. I've been called much worse (I won't go into the details).
Anyways, congrats on the baby!

Ben said...

Thanks Victor.