Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nesting Instinct

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Sherry has been keeping a very clean house lately, and is always folding and refolding Noname's new clothes and arranging and rearranging his box of diapers and wipes and linens. Last night she had me search through our constantly shrinking storage area in our garage for our Halloween "stuff", and while I was working / checking my fantasy football she made our Halloween nest.

It is a comforting feeling to have her in such a state, and although we are scared of the unknown and what having two boys relying 100% on us for their care is going to be like, I once again have the calming feeling that Sherry knows exactly what she is doing, if by nothing more then instincts ... but it is so much more than instincts that give me this feeling.

Sherry, thank you for this... all of it. I love you very much and am so excited about this addition to our family.

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