Monday, October 08, 2007

Muffin Heads

Sorry, I forgot my audience. (most of you just read the email that I set up 3 years ago, and have not moved into the 20th century with a RSS reader)

1) Go to
2) Use your mouse (that thing next to your keyboard (that's the one with the keys on it)) to select your vote
3) click vote to cast your vote
4) do not email me your vote

Also, my sister Sarah asked me (in her email telling me her guess) to mention the more important guess... when does Sherry think it will be.

The answer: 10/14/07 (updated... from Ben previously saying 10/10/07)


Beebe4 said...

yeah yeah, i know... I said "think" instead of "thing"

It has been corrected. I hate doing that when I am trying to be funny-mean.

Beebe4 said...

crap, I am wrong again... I should never cast stones from this blog again. Sherry's guess is the 14th.