Monday, October 15, 2007

Everything is going well

Noah and I went to help Lois with her car (and to give Sherry and Jude a quiet house) this morning. Everything is actually going quite smoothly. Noah just giggles and points and says "baby" and Jude is a very quiet baby (so far). We are going into the pediatrician tomorrow for a weight check.

Jude has not pooped much and he is not staying awake during his feedings so we are a little concerned about his weight, but not overly concerned.

They announced his birth at church yesterday and we had yummy Chicken Divan that Bebe made us. THANKS!

Jude actually failed his first hearing test (which they assured us was not a big deal since the newborn still has a lot of fluid still in his tubes and canals), but since we left early and they didn't have time to give us a 2nd one, which is usually when the newborn passes, we have to go back in for a 2nd one sometime this week.


Cat said...

I don't know if it will put you at ease (not that you're too worried about it), but Liam also did not stay awake for his feedings at the beginning either. And he is just fine! Glad to hear y'all are doing so well.

Cat said...

I forgot to add....that Chicken Divan looks deelish!