Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Totally Unexpected

This morning I dropped Noah off for his first day of preschool. We had two options, I could go through the carpool line and his teacher would get him out of the car or I could walk him inside. I explained the options to him and he asked me to come inside with him. As we were walking to his classroom he was saying "hi" to all of the people we passed and telling them about his new lunchbox (totally out of character for Noah to speak to strangers). We entered his classroom and he walked up to his teacher and said "this is my lunchbox, I have raisins and juice". She said hello and told him to put his lunchbox in his cubby. Then he turned to me and said "Bye Mom". I just stood there.... and stood there... and finally the teacher said- "you can go now, he'll be just fine". I turned and walked out absolutely stunned. Noah does not typically do very well when we leave him places. In fact, we get paged almost every Sunday from the church nursery because they can't get him to calm down. I had imagined this morning would be similar to that. I thought he would cry. I thought he would ask me to stay. But instead he just looked at me with a smile and said "bye". It broke my heart but it also made me so proud! I can't wait to pick him up in 3 hours and hear all about his first day!

Noah's First Day of School

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Alison said...

Hurray! I have been thinking about you all morning, hoping everything went ok. I'm sure he'll have lots of stories for you this afternoon!