Monday, August 20, 2007

Update on Pearl

Sherry's mother, Pearl, has been fighting colon cancer for the last few years. Last month she made the decision to stop all treatments and begin Hospice care. On Wednesday we got a call that things had deteriorated and that if Sherry wanted to spend time with her while she was still able to communicate she should get up there now, so we changed our previously planned trip to head up to Norfolk that evening.

We arrived into town and put Noah to sleep at Regina's house and Sherry and I headed over to see Pearl. She was awake and happy to see Sherry. We spent two hours with her until midnight and then left her with Shawn so they could get some rest (on Tuesday the nurse suggested that she not be left alone).

On Thursday we moved her over to Shelley's house (Sherry's sister) which was the plan once Pearl couldn't provide for herself any more. The move took a lot out of her, and she slept for the majority of the next two days.

On Friday we had a family meeting (or family party as Pearl called it), with the extended family and the Hospice nurses, and everyone got to ask questions directly from the nurses as anyone who has played the game of telephone knows, the quality of information breaks down the number of times it is relayed. Sherry spent the night to help out Shelley.

Saturday was quiet and she slept most of the day, which was needed from the family party activities, which wore her out. Sherry once again spent the night. Sunday was also quiet, with friends and family stopping by to check in on our precious Pearl. Shawn spent the night.

So here we are on Monday, and all of us are battling with what is right to do, but we all know that it doesn't matter what we do, because this is one of the times in life when there is no right way to act. Your jobs seems so unimportant, but you realize that you cannot neglect your team mates, even though they all understand. Caring for the needs of your children seems to be the easiest and only right thing to do, so we do.


catsteevens said...

"....when there is no right way to act."

Or the right words to say? Just thinking of you all and sending support and love.

Beebe4 said...

thanks cat.