Friday, August 24, 2007

Pearl Update

Pearl is hanging in there. She seems very peaceful, and many people have gotten to say their "good byes" ... a gift that will hopefully help many of us with some closure on this traumatic event.

Sherry is holding up well, thanks to the large amount of family support.

Both Noah and Sherry's belly provide a much needed and beautiful reminder of the yáng of life while we all dwell in the yīn as we make preparations (physically, mentally and emotionally) for Pearl's passing.

We have read all the comments and emails and have listened to your kind voice mails, even if we have not responded. And thank you very much for them.

I will keep you updated.

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catsteevens said...

I'm on here regularly --- refreshing the page often. Thinking about you all day, all week. I was afraid to call, thinking it may be intrusive, but I'm here for ya.