Friday, September 29, 2006

College Update

Lonely Ben checking in here...

So the update on the money makers I put on Noah's site is that so far today we have made $1.85 for the college fund.... not to bad! At this rate he will have $55 a month put into his college fund and by the time he is 18 it will be $11,880. So if we factor in the rate of college increases, he should be able to by a weeks worth of lunches with that much money.

Maybe I should try to go on a publicity stunt and make Noah out as the first kid to have every single aspect of his life blogged! He could be famous at 8 months old. Just hope I can keep it up.

I am about to head down to "the river house" and help Mom and Don put in a parquet floor in the upstairs bedroom. So don't expect much over the next few days.

But until is your moment of zen:

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