Thursday, September 28, 2006


So since Sherry and Noah are up in Norfolk, I have decided to make some updates the the blog. I added some ads that you guys can click on to help us pay for Noah's college. The more you click on them the more money we make so do it at least once a day and share our site with your friends.

Sherry also posted some pictures of our trip on my Yahoo Photos site (since Flickr keeps limiting us).

I will try to post some other pictures that are currently only on computers or cameras this weekend while Noah is away.

So I know I say this a lot, but NOAH IS BIG. He is just so big. When I got up this morning I was having a need to see him, so I walked into his room and it is just amazing to see how long he is and how much of the crib he now takes up. He can cruise, he can crawl really fast on all types of surfaces. It is just really amazing to think how much he is learning and growing, and how fast it all happens.

Maybe I should stop trying so hard to teach him the next developmental step... but then again I need to start training him for his NFL career.

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