Monday, September 04, 2006


Day at the Zoo
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Sorry we haven't been too good with posting recently, we've been (and are) busy!
Noah's cousins, Taylor and Caitlin, came to visit last week. We went to the beach and to the zoo while we were here. Turns out that the Jacksonville Zoo is pretty nice! Noah didn't seem to notice the animals... but he enjoyed being strolled around outside.
Noah also has mastered the skill of crawling. He can go pretty much anywhere he pleases and can get into the sitting position on his own.
Noah can also wave!! He moves his entire arm and up and down, but we think it qualifies as a wave. He has 3.5 teeth (one has not quite broken through).
So basically it has been such an eventful month that we haven't had time to blog about it! I posted a few pics on flickr, so check them out.
Dad's out of town for the week, so we'll try to post pictures and updates!

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