Saturday, February 11, 2006

Up close and personal


Just so you guys know I am going to be taking more and more pictures of my studly looking son and posting them on my Flickr page... so check there regularely for more pictures.

So last night wasn't that easy. I think Noah was getting tired of sucking air from Sherry's boobs, so he kept us up most of the night (well more Sherry then I). But today has been great. The milk has been delivered and papa isn't complaining, if ya know what I mean, but more importantly, Noah isn't complaining... in fact, he is quite happy, in other words sleeping for 3 hours in a row on two seperate occasions.

I am going to try to take a lot of pictures and post at least one on the blog so you guys can get sick of seeing him. Posted by Picasa

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Mandy McCammon said...

It'll get easier. Sounds like you guys have it all under control:)