Monday, February 13, 2006

Clean Noah

Today Noah received his 2nd at home bath. He liked the baths at the hospital better, since they have the fancy heat lamps... but he is good at crying through it to make himself feel better. I do have to say that is pretty nice when you figure out what is currently pissing him off, because he has been quick to quiet down once the problem is solved. Shortly after this picture we realized that he actually likes to sleep in the Boppy, who knew!

Funny how words like Boppy and Binky can so quickly slide into your vocabulary and actually be said with complete sincerity... as in, "before I take a nap do you want me to get the Boppy?" I guess those are actually just words that are generalized to represent the entire product entity that they are a member of (a la "Kleenex").

What is that situation called? I remember talking about it in some college class, but have forgotten it... and I can tell by that look on Sherry's face that I have spent too much time on the computer this morning... so somebody look into that and post a comment.

Two last things... 1) Notice that Noah is sporting his Poindexter look this morning... the Seacrest look is played anyways (and yes I did have to go look up why Poindexter was a vernacular term for geek, but at least I learned something today). 2) It is quite crazy to think that just 6 days ago, this amazing little boy was inside of Sherry waiting to come out and poop all over my house. Pretty cool.


Four Years to NY said...

I know what you mean, but I can't think of what it is called either. It is like saying you want a Coke, when you really just want a soda. Of course, sometimes, you really just want a Coke.

Noah looks absolutely adorable, especially with all of that hair! I am sure you guys hear it all of the time, but I don't think I have ever seen a baby with that much hair in my life! Especially blonde. Is it really blonde or a little reddish?

McG said...

It is called an Eponym. Although I am not sure that "Boppy" can be classified in the same vein as Kleenex, Xerox, Band-Aid, Jacuzzi, Jello, Chapstick, Q-Tips and Scotch Tape. But I am sure it is getting close:)

He looks so dapper with his perfectly coifed do.

catsteevens said...

My niece loved her Boppy when she was an infant. Before her, I had never heard of a Boppy.
She also had a lot of hair when she was first born - it was really black. It all fell out and grew back strawberry blonde (her mom is blonde). Weirdest thing ever.

Ditto on him looking dapper :)