Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Week 35

He's nearly here! Most 35-week babies weigh 5 pounds or more and rarely experience major complications if born before they officially come to term. You may feel a tingling or numbness in your pelvic region as the extra weight presses on your nerves, as well as increased movement in your upper rib cage where his feet have come to rest in preparation for the head-down journey into the world. Three to four percent of full-term babies never adopt this position, but remain breech (with their heads facing up). If your baby is part of this stubborn minority, you may be at greater risk for a cesarean section. To prevent this, your caregiver may attempt to turn her from the outside using a process called "external version." She'll also do a sonogram to determine the baby's exact position before deciding whether to attempt a vaginal birth.

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Four Years to NY said...

Is everything okay? It has been a few weeks since your last update and I am a little worried! I don't know you personally, but I have been following Beebe's Thoughts and the Development of Baby McDonald since you found out you were going to have a Baby McDonald. I just hope everything is going alright.

Heather Rasmussen