Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Can you say UNPREPARED?

Shortly after the alarm went off this morning, Ben asked a very important question: How do we know when to go to the hospital after you go into labor? My response: I have no clue. He let out this crazy sigh and said: We are so unprepared. I mumbled something about not having any bottles or diapers.
So I have spent the entire morning thinking about nothing except that we are so unprepared for what is going to happen sometime within the next 7 weeks or so. Our childbirth classes don't even start until January 11th- hopefully I don't go into labor before then.
If you know me, you know that this is really not like me. I am always the prepared one, the one who has thought everything through. Not this time. I think it has something to do with the move from Virginia to Jacksonville. Maybe it has something to do with us not living in our house yet. Or maybe it has something to do with all of our belongings, including my large stack of pregnancy books, being in storage. Regardless, I feel the stress building. I have come to the realization that I have no idea what to expect in the coming weeks. Fortunately we are moving into our new house this weekend and one of the first boxes I open will contain my pregnancy literature. After I find the books, I will devote the rest of the weekend to figuring out what in the world I am supposed to be doing to prepare for Noah.

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catsteevens said...

I could say something smarmy like "there is no way to completely prepare for a baby" or "you'll never really be ready." But I've never been pregnant, never been a mom, so I should just shut up. However, here is my input (and you can still tell me to shut up if you want).....relax. When you're done relaxing, ask your mother (or mother-in-law). That seems to be what my sister-in-law did (and does).... and she has two kids. As a matter of fact, the one thing she recommends is to ask for help from EVERYONE. Most people love babies and are more than happy to help. I think you're gonna do great 'cause you're two of the most intelligent people I know :)