Monday, August 01, 2005


So I didn't hear the heart beat with the fetal monitor, but we did get to hear it today with the Doppler contraption at our doctor's appointment. Since Pearl had an appointment near ours today we had her come with us, so she could hear the heartbeat. We met at IHOP and then Sherry went to find out how much she had gained. To her delight she had only gained 2 pounds. The doctor wants her to gain around 5 before the end of the first trimester (which is the 9th) so we will have to get some ho-ho's, pecan twirls and fried twinkies for her to stuff her face with before the end of the week.

The baby's heart rate was 156 beats per minute, and Sherry's blood pressure was a little lower then last time, all normal stuff. Sherry asked about a pain in her back that she figured was her sciatic nerve... she was correct. She also asked about light headedness which the doctor said was also common.

We are going back for our next appointment in 5 weeks and will find out the sex of the baby hopefully (if he/she will face the camera) and most likely get the blood tests for Down's Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Trisomy 18 and a few other birth defects. I say most likely, because the test is pretty inconclusive either way, but I am all for getting the medical staff as much data as they can get to help us in case of complications. But I am pretty confident that we are going to have a very healthy soccer player.

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