Friday, August 19, 2005

Fast and Furious

Sherry seems to be gaining weight nicely. I mean that both in the fact that she still has a tiny little butt and in the fact that I want her to gain weight (even if she doesn't want to)... to me it is a sign of health. Every other day she will come in with a surprised look on her face and tell me that she has gained another pound.

We are going to Florida this week for a house hunting trip and she was concerned that she is going to sweat her a%^ off because she doesn't have any shorts that fit... so looks like it might be time to go shopping!


Anonymous said...

I have 2 things to say:
1. Is my husband calling me fat?
2. I don't really gain a pound every other day.

McG said...

I bet you I know who "Anonymous" is:)

CharlieMc said...

Cmc wants to know...........any luck house hunting in Jax??

Ben said...

I keep the house hunting news on the other blog: ... but no luck yet

CharlieMc said...

Sorry.......guess i'm a 'one-blog-at-a-time' kind of guy. You make my head hurt........just kidding!!