Monday, August 08, 2005

29 days!

Our next doctor's visit is scheduled for September 6th. At that appointment we will have an ultrasound and if Baby McDonald cooperates, we will know whether we will be the proud parents of a baby girl or boy! We still don't have any girl names... so if you have suggestions- let us know!


Aunt Mandy said...

How about Mandy? Amanda Jane Mcdonald II, perhaps? ;-)

McGraw said...

I have always been partial to Ryanne.

Anne said...

I'm going to pretend like he didn't just suggest that. So sorry.

catsteevens said...

Here are some girl names I love, but their my names, mine mine mine. Blltthh! (Just kidding)

(in no particular order)

I have more, but I'll stop there. I haven't really thought about boy names, but I like the name Simon (Richard doesn't).