Monday, May 26, 2008

Safari Birthday!

Noah helped his friend Tripp celebrate his 3rd birthday this weekend at the Jacksonville Zoo!

First we got to check out lots of cool reptiles, including a few baby alligators. Noah made sure to stand guard over the cake until it was time for Tripp to blow out his candles.

Then we got to go into the zoo and play at the splash park. Noah loved running through all of the fountains.
Splish Splash!

Jude mostly slept through our adventure at the zoo.
Sleeping Jude

It made for a great (although very hot) Saturday! Happy Birthday Tripp!
Birthday Boy Tripp

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alli, aka. mommy said...

Thank you all so much for joining us! We need to do a Splash Park trip together - it was HOT. Addy slept most of it too! I forgot about Noah guarding the cake - too cute!