Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa and Showman

Having Fun!
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We are busy getting ready for Santa to come visit. We've been doing lots of shopping, wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas. Noah absolutely loves those inflatable snowmen (or showmen in Noah talk) and he sits at our dining room window and watches the one across the street as soon as it gets dark each evening. Heather and Brad were kind enough to buy Noah is own Showman family to put in our front yard. Now we don't have to walk him across the street to say goodnight to the Showman each night- thanks Heather and Brad!
Jude is getting bigger each day. He smiles most of the time and loves to be talked to. We go to the park each afternoon and he just sits and watches Noah run around and play with his friends. It seems like he is getting over his fussiness and is liking us a little more!

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