Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a great Christmas! First, we celebrated with Noah on Saturday and let him open his big gifts at home. He got a new table and chair set that he loves! We took our first flight with Jude on Sunday to visit family in Virginia- he and Noah were angels! It was a bit hectic getting checked in with all of our luggage and then going through security, but once we made it on the plane everything was great. Jude slept the entire time and Noah watched the Polar Express. We spent the next few days going between family member's houses, exchanging presents and eating lots of great food. Everyone enjoyed meeting Jude and he was equally excited to meet all of them. We had dessert and opened a few presents on Christmas Eve at Shelley and Mike's house. Christmas morning we were at Shawn and Regina's house opening gifts with Noah, Jack, Emma and Jude. Christmas night we had dinner at Shawn and Regina's in their newly furnished dining room. We managed to get all of our gifts back in our suitcases and flew home early Thursday morning. It was a wonderful Christmas and we were thankful to spend it with friends and family!

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