Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why spend $600 on a camera?

Sherry and I have been wanting a new digital camera for a long time. We have been using a Kodak EasyShare for the past year. And to put it simply, it is a piece. We love our non-digital SLR, the Canon Rebel, so in order to optimize our lenses our thinking was that we would get the same model in a digital camera, just to make sure that there are no issues.

$600 is no chump change to drop on a camera, so we were a little hesitant to pull the trigger. But as you will hopefully see in the improved images on the site, it is well worth the money. I have already taken over 100 photos today, and OMG am I loving this camera.

I no longer have to wait 2 seconds before the camera responds to my request to take the picture, and the quality is far superior, and I am also trying to learn to do some "fancy camera stuff" that requires knowing about the aperture and shutter speed and stuff.

Hope you enjoy:


Courtney said...

Totally true, Ben. A good camera has a return on investment that far surpasses what people initially think. I love my Nikon so much. We have a Canon compact as well and love it so much we have given it as a gift to a few . BTW -- the picture of Noah with the silver kitchen door behind him...AWESOME. I think that one is a definite keeper. The lighting behind him while he is walking is also cool. His stride seems so confident at 2 (is that right?)

Ken said...

Ben, check out my blog:

I have just recently gotten into photography and have purchased the Rebel XTi. The pics look great.


Yelena said...

Good words.