Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thrilling Halloween

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As you can tell from the picture, we weren't sure how our first Halloween as a family of four was going to go. In the beginning, Noah was not very thrilled about his Elmo costume- and Jude was not in the mood for an outfit change. But after we explained to Noah that he would get candy if he wore the costume, he was totally into being Elmo. Dad took Noah for a walk around the block to Trick or Treat and Mom stayed home with Jude. We had planned to hand out candy, but we didn't take into consideration that our roofers would work until after dark (yes, we are getting a new roof). After a long walk around the block, we headed to Daddy John and Noushin's and everyone got to stay up way past their bedtimes! Overall it turned out to be a great Halloween.

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