Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Santa, Take 2

I feel like I must offer some sort of explanation for why I am included in the Santa photo. This morning we took a little adventure to the mall so that Noah could meet Santa and have his picture taken. We got there pretty early, so we waited in line for Santa with all of the other excited children. Once he got there he did a lap around "Santa's Workshop" to greet the children and when he got to Noah we got our first signal that maybe Noah wasn't as excited to meet Santa as we thought he would be. He hid his head and put the death grip on my arm.... but we were determined that he was going to get his picture taken. Once it was our turn we walked up to Santa and put Noah on his lap.... and you guessed it, he started crying! I tried to give him a minute to get to know Santa... but Santa's elf was in a hurry and told me that I was going to have to be in the picture. So that's how I ended up in Noah's first picture with Santa. Don't worry if my explanation was not enough, Ben got it all on video!

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catsteevens said...

Ah ha! That answers my last comment. Well, he looks very happy & smiley, so congrats on whatever you had to do to get that shot.