Sunday, December 03, 2006

Been a while

So we are kind of slacking on keeping up with things recently, but we are hoping to improve soon. Sorry we don't have any pictures with this post, our camera docking station is not connected to the computer right now, so we are just walking around with a camera full of a month's worth of pictures- including shots of Noah at his first Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will snap out of our laziness and download the photos for everyone to enjoy.
Our trip to Virginia went really well. Noah was a real angel and behaved for the majority of our 10 hour car ride each way. Aunt Leigh and Frank were kind enough to let us crash at their house to break up the trip there. On the way back we did it all in one day and it wasn't too bad.
We did manage to put up the Christmas tree this weekend. It looks pretty good but Noah thinks it is a little strange that we have a tree with lights inside of our house. Fortunately it is located in a room that we don't frequent very often so I don't have to constantly worry that Noah is going to pull it down.
Noah went to his first birthday party today. He didn't really like the birthday hat that Dad tried to make him wear, but he did like the cake!
Noah is getting pretty good at walking. He can usually take around 10 steps before falling. The walking is resulting in lots of mishaps- so pictures of Noah's first Christmas are bound to include black eyes and bruises on the face.

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