Friday, January 27, 2006

Visitors (aka Helping Hands)

Today we were notified who our first post-Noah visitors are going to be! Shawn, Regina and Jack are scheduled to come visit February 18-21. We are looking forward to the help and advice that I am sure they are going to provide. Anyone else interested in cooking/cleaning/midnight feedings? Let us know!
My mom and sister are coming to visit this looks like my mom may start chemotheraphy again next week, so we have scheduled this weekend for her to come visit and see our new house. And who knows- maybe Noah will make an early arrival while she is here! If we could only get so lucky:)

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Anjali Lueck said...

Good luck to you Sherry and Ben, I would like to bring you some food when Noah arrives! We are very excited for you all,
Sincerely, Anjali, Sean, and Nina Lueck.