Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Monday we went to the doctor for my weekly check up- still no progress. Once again they did a sonogram to check Noah's position- he is still head down. Every time I go to the doctor they think that his butt is his head and that he has flipped, and every time they are wrong. They keep telling me he has a boney butt :) I also had my first internal exam and found out that I haven't dilated at all. I go back on Monday for my next appointment.
Today we had our first appointment with Noah's pediatrician- which happens to be in the same practice that Ben went to as a child. I was a little confused about what we were supposed to talk to her about during this "consultation"- but she was really great and guided us through the meeting. Basically she told us the policies and procedures of the practice and what we have to look forward to once Noah is here.
Tonight we have our last childbirth class. Ben was scheduled to be out of town but was able to rearrange his schedule to be here for the class. After we finish tonight all we have left to do is WAIT....

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catsteevens said...

And here I was thinking you already had the baby. Ha.

I used to work at a pediatrician's office and would schedule those "consultation" appointments. New mothers would always ask what they should do to prepare. Sad thing was that I never really knew what to say because a) I was not a mommy and b) I never even sat-in on one. I would just tell them it was a nice way to meet the doctor before having to really meet the doctor. Duh.

I hope your wait will be a short one.