Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sucker for Overalls

Who doesn't love a baby in overalls?
That's my excuse for buying Noah a new outfit today (yes, we think his name is going to be Noah). Some of you may have heard about my recent shopping trip and my $.77 baby clothes from JC Penney's. Now my excuse for buying those outfits was that they were so amazingly cheap that I would be considered an idiot for not buying them. So after buying those, I told myself that I would limit my purchases to things I considered a great deal. Not because I don't want Noah to have cute clothes, but because I have attended my share of baby showers, and I know that people love to give baby clothes as gifts.

But today I broke the rules and bought Noah a new outfit. It was a little on sale, but not really a GREAT deal. But surely everyone will think that this outfit was too cute to pass up. At least that is what I am telling myself.


McG said...

And what was that comment about me and the crib?

Ben said...

You do realize that Sherry posted that post above... right?

catsteevens said...

Sherry - I don't think you need to make ANY excuses for buying cute things.... not one excuse is necessary. HAVE FUN! And for heaven's sake go ahead and spoil the kid. AS IF the grandmothers aren't going to do it ;)

mandy said...

I can't tell you how excited this makes me!! I mean with an aunt with such fabulous fashion sense as mine? come on....this is gonna be great. I can't imagine how excited you guys are, it must be at a level ten times my own and that's a LOT!