Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Lily: 5 months

Lily is now five months old! No doctor visit this month, so we aren't quite sure how much she weighs now- but she is definitely getting longer! Lily has started eating some solid foods- mainly sweet potatoes, bananas and avocados. She likes to eat! We made no progress on "naturally" sleeping through the night, so we had to take matters into our own hands. Tonight marks night 4 of camp cry-it-out. She has done pretty well so far and has gone 7 pm to 6 am without eating each night. The first night was the worst (as it was with Noah and Jude), but last night she only woke a few times and calmed herself back down quickly. Hopefully tonight will be even better. Even though we have done this twice before, that does not make it any easier! But I think we'll all be a little happier with a few more consecutive hours of sleep each night.
She's still an angel during the day, taking regular naps and rolling along with whatever activities her brothers are participating in. October will be a big month for us- starting with Jude's 5th birthday, Lily's baptism, and then of course Halloween!

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