Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Boy....or GIRL!?!?

We found out we are expecting our third baby right after Noah started Kindergarten. We have been anxiously awaiting the ultrasound to tell us if we are having a boy or girl! Mom and Noah were convinced that it was another boy. Dad and Jude were on Team Pink... certain that the baby was going to be a girl. Our great friends Heather and Ruthie offered to throw us a Gender Reveal Party the day after our ultrasound. We didn't peek at the ultrasound and we had the tech put the results in a sealed envelope and it was taken to the baker to bake a cake with either pink or blue icing in the middle! Everyone wore either pink or blue, based on their guess. The anticipation was almost too much, but we made it to the party and Mom could not have been more shocked when the cake was cut and the icing was PINK! It looks like a little girl will be joining our family in late April!

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Caterina said...

That has to be the coolest thing ever! Gender Reveal Party...I ssooo wanna go to one :)