Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Animal Kingdom!

We still had a few days on our Disney pass to use before the end of May, so we headed down to Orlando Saturday night and went to Hollywood Studios for a few hours. We were up bright and early on Sunday and let the kids pick which park we would visit- they both picked Animal Kingdom. Neither of the boys had been there before and they loved it!

The weather was perfect and the lines were nonexistent! The boys even got to ride Kali River Rapids (their favorite) twice! Mom opted out of the second trip after getting soaked the first time.

Noah and Jude loved all of the rides, the parade and meeting a few characters. It was a great Disney day!


lee said...

That is so great. Abby and Zack said it too was the best part of our trip to FL a few weeks ago. Glad y'all could go as a family and get SOAKED!!!

Cat said...

Wow, how awesome! I have yet to take Liam and Patrick (although Liam was there when he was 9 months old and at 2 y/o). Did Noah and Jude know all the characters at Animal Kingdom? They look so happy :) What fun!