Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New School Year

Noah and Jude started school this morning! Noah will be in the three day threes and Jude will go one morning a week to the mother's morning out class. They have been really excited to start school this year. And Mom is excited too, she has Wednesdays free!

Jude is mostly excited about his new lunch box. He has been carrying it around, filling it will all sorts of goodies!

Noah is excited about seeing his friends from last year! We went to orientation on Monday and Noah got to explore his new classroom. He is really looking forward to playing with the cash register... he has been talking about it all week!

It is nice to have a big brother that will show you how much fun school is!

There were no tears at our house or at school this morning! We are ready for school!

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catsteevens said...

Oh my gosh, those pics are adorable. I love the last pic :) soo cute! Glad to hear going to school is a 'winner.' Also, glad to hear Sherry gets a break.