Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend of Fun!

The fun started early on Saturday when Daddy and Noah decided to plant their vegetable garden. They managed to get the zucchini planted before we headed out to our friend Jackson's 3rd birthday party.

All of the kids loved the firetruck!

Everyone went for a ride around the block and then they got to test out the fire hose!

Then we finished off with pizza and cupcakes... all that by 1:00!

After the party, we drove down to Grandma and PaPa's house to visit with them and celebrate mother's day (a little late) and Papa's birthday. The kids had a blast running around outside and Noah learned how to fish! It was a great Saturday!


Gioel said...

I've never seen a concentration of blonde children like in the first picture.

catsteevens said...

hahaha....laughing at Gioel's comment