Wednesday, October 01, 2008

the life i've always wanted

My home has become a sacred place. When I come home from work, I have come to anticipate the great, great joy of hearing ...
"DADDY, You home!"
... followed by the blur of a blond haired two year old streaking to crash into my legs and wrap himself around them.

That moment is precious.

Since Noah has started pre-school another thing has started showing up that provides me constant amazement and insight into his development of cognitive skills that are manifested in his weekly crafts projects.


They are so simple, and that is what makes them so beautiful to me. I can loose myself in them, forget the stress of work, and just ground myself in the fact that the most important thing I do every day is to help shape my two little men.

In the above picture, we have our family tree (sans Bells), his owl inspired from reading Owl Babies, and his dog house from last week's Pet Week.

I meant to post this a long time ago, but below is Noah's first project. He did it with Sherry back in May at the Jacksonville Public Library, I hope it at least makes you smile :)

Noah's 1st Art Project

Note: While proofing this post before I published it, I felt like I was bragging and I don't want that to be the perception. I use this blog as a place holder (a pensive if you Harry Potter fans will allow me) for the great things about each day as I know there will be tougher ones ahead. Having posts like this available for me to go back to will someday be invaluable.


Jeanne said...

what a great post and definitely a blessed life :) ya'll sure do make a beautiful family

thanks for sharing a snipit w/ the rest of us!

Shelley said...

Ben, I was so touched by what your wrote as I'm sure Sherry was. And you are right.....the most important thing we will ever do is raise our children. We love you guys and appreciate the opportunity to watch Noah and Jude as they grow!

Cat said...

This was so sweet. You shouldn't have to explain or apologize. Your children are amazing. I say brag, dammit, brag.