Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation 2008- Part 2

We arrived in Virginia on Sunday evening after a long day of traveling. Both Noah and Jude did great during the car ride and we are especially thankful that the Arrowsmiths let us borrow their portable DVD Player. Noah is a big fan and I am not sure he is going to let us give it back!

We went to Ocean Breeze water park on Monday with Shawn, Regina, Jack, Emma, Shelley, Taylor and Caitlin. There is a huge kids area and everyone had a blast. Wednesday we went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with Shawn, Regina and Jack. The weather was perfect and Noah and Jude had a great time. Jude was not too fond of the stroller, but that’s okay.

We also made sure to visit all of Noah and Jude’s great-grandparents. They were super excited to see the kids and we enjoyed spending time with them. Regina also hosted a brunch on Saturday before we left town so that we could see the rest of our family that lives in the area.

Nanny, Sherry, Jude & Noah
Papa, Nanny, Sherry, Jude & Noah

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