Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Fun

Everyone has pretty much recovered from their colds and we have had a great weekend- and it is only Saturday night.
Friday we went out for pizza with Daddy John and Noushin. They came back to our place afterwards and Noah had a blast racing Noushin around the house. He loves to yell "Ready, Set, GO!"
This morning we went over to Brad and Heather's house to check out the progress on their new kitchen before they left town to go to the Masters. They have been in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel for the last 2 weeks and are finally in the home stretch. It looks fantastic!
After eating breakfast with Brad and Heather, we went to the park to burn off some energy. As usual, Noah just wanted us to push him in the swings the entire time. He never gets sick of swinging!
Nathan, Nicole and Jackson came over this evening and we cooked out while Noah and Jackson "played" together as well as two 2 year olds can play together. Mostly they just pushed each other around and took toys from one another. Nonetheless it was a fun evening and the weather was beautiful!

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