Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We’ve been lucky to have lots of family in town all week! Sarah and Heidi were here all week from Pennsylvania and Leigh was here from Alaska. We enjoyed a couple beautiful days with them at the beach before they went down to the river house for a few days. They are all headed home and we can’t wait until our next visit. Jude and Noah are really blessed to have such loving and fun aunts!
Shawn, Regina, Jack and Emma came down from Virginia on Friday. Shelley, Mike, Taylor, and Caitlin drove down from Virginia on Saturday. Everyone got here just in time for Sherry’s 30th birthday celebration! Ben planned a great evening overlooking the St. John’s River with lots of family and friends.
Sunday we had everyone over for lunch and the annual Tureman Birdfeeder Contest. Everyone took their time creating some of the best entries to date. Of course Dad (the judge) won the contest, but there were some outstanding (and unique) birdfeeders created. They are all hanging in our backyard, ready to attract all of the birds in Jacksonville!

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catsteevens said...

Holy crap you're 30 ;)